Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Homer circa. 2005

I came across this photo of Homer. It's really not even a very good photo, but I just had to scrapbook it. It's hard to look at him. He was such an awesome dog. He often got a bad rap because he was a Rottweiler. But ya know he was the most gentle dog ever!

Frankly he was also the biggest chicken!! I remember one time one of the kids wanted to take him to school for show-and-tell.....Len had to draaaaag him into the school. He was so scared. He just sat there and shook the whole time. Of course all the kids thought it was so cute and funny. We sure miss him! I'm sure I have more pics of him....but being that I scrap in chronological order, the other photos will come up as I get scrapping done. I'm in 2005 right now....hey that's only 5 yrs behind!!!  
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