Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crafting on a budget!

So, recently I had the opportunity to help out my friend at church...who was the Ward Activity Chairperson, (a position that has sadly been eliminated). Her job was to put on the Ward Christmas Breakfast. Being that this would be her last official activity, she wanted it to end with something spectacular.
She had recruited me to help her with the decorations, advising me there was "only one catch!"...the Bishop says we have NO budget...no money to be spent on frivolous things like decorations!
What's a girl to do??
So I of course I had to come up with something! 
So after a few days of wondering what the heck I could do with "no money"
 ...this is what I came up with:
The original vision was to have a Winter Wonderland theme...all white and silver, but that wasn't coming together as my dear pal Jamie had planned. So after rummaging through the Relief Society closet and scoring big on various Christmas-themed items...we were soon decorating with red, lime green and SILVER!! We used red, green and white table cloths....and used my FOIL TREES as the center pieces...complete with a few ball ornaments. We also strung some really cool snowflake garland across the gym and hung more of those red and green ornaments from the garland.
It wasn't Jamie's original vision, but it was a great NO BUDGET, well decorated gym, spent with family and friends! Jamie had put together an awesome slide show. The Young Women sang a beautiful song...and so did the primary kids. The 3 Wisemen (aka the Bishopric) came and told us a great story and even passed out treats to the kids. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.
Merry Christmas!

P.S. I was inspired by THIS.
I glued two pieces of chipboard together to make a stand. (Similar to those wooden ones on the bottom of a real tree,..you know the big X kind) I then hot glued a wooden skewer to the X stand. Then I tore (at first I cut them, but soon realized that the randomness of the cuts looked better!) graduated sizes of the aluminum foil and placed the larger ones at the bottom...working my way to the top. I finished each tree off with a star that I free hand cut from scraps of the foil. I glued them on, too.
All in all I like the finished project.
They were SUPER easy to make..a couple of the Primary kids even helped...and best of all
they were CHEAP to make!
I tore random sized squares of aluminum foil and put them on a wooden skewer.

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CraftyGirl said...

Gorgeous decoration!! You are a good friend to help out! Glad the day was a success!
Barb :)