Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower Power....of the fabric-kind

A few months ago Walmart had all their fabric on clearance....since they got rid of the entire sewing section....dumb move on their part: 1. It was always busy when I was in there...which was way too often! 2. There aren't many options to buy stuff elsewhere...there is Jo Ann's but they are pricier and ALL the way on the other side of Bozo! 3. Some customer REALLY do like the whole one-stop-shopping experience.

OK, well let me get back to the whole reason for this post.....I got the idea for these cute headbands from Jessica (click on her name for a trip to her blog)...anyway she got the idea from one of the crafty blogs that we both like. Anyhow, so this past weekend Michaela and I had some quality mom & daughter craft time (our favorite time) and we created a few headbands.

They are super easy to make...and of course a barrel fun too! So far we have made 5 and we have fabric for quite a few more. Michaela wanted to make then and sell them at the Farmer's Market this summer...but Jessica and her little sister are doing we don't want to compete with them. So, I'm not sure what we'll do. I'm thinking with all the "boutique's" we have her in L-town...maybe we could sell them there. Hmmmm, I think I have the beginnings of a grand idea!

Soooo, tell me:
What do you think?

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Felicia said...

I think they are adorable!! I followed your link over from the Scrapbook Legacies site and thought I would peek through your goodies and say Howdee Doo! Off to see more of what you have made.

Have a wonderful day!

*huggles* =0)