Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cupcake Plates

So after I spent an afternoon perusing through the endless supply of craft blogs available on the Internet...I came across The Crafty Nest. This is a great place for finding a "new" use for something "old". At Crafty Nest she calls it "re-purposing"....and now-a-days I am all about "re-purposing"!

To make a cupcake plate you need a small plate/saucer and something for the base. I found the cutest little cups and saucers and also various candlestick holders. But you could also use vases...vases work great for large plates, for a regular cake plate.

So I headed to my local thrift store and found all this:
(for under $25)

My favorite little find was the white plates and matching sugar bowl. My mom turned me on to yet another great website called Replacements LTD. This is a really cool site that helps you identify various pieces of china, crystal, silver and even some collectibles. I was able to find the plates and sugar bowl and found that they are from Chinex and are circa. late 1930's-early 1940's. Of course I had to look up a few other treasures i have...and was delighted to find the silverware that my Great Grandma had given me as a wedding gift. (She said it belonged to her mother) Let's just say I have quite the treasure with the silverware!
OK back to the cupcake plates....
So with a bottle of 5-minute Epoxy and my treasures ...this is the finished project:

(This is for me! The plate is pink and I matched it with a "milk glass" candlestick. It matches my Scraproom perfectly!)

These next ones are for Michaela's birthday party on Saturday. I will make jumbo cupcakes (instead of a regular cake) and each of the guests will get to take one home.

This next one is for Michaela...she LOVED the flower design and claimed this one:

I am really pleased with the end result and can't wait to show them off loaded with cupcakes.
So what other types of things do you like to "re-purpose"?

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Denise said...

Those cupcake plates are adorable! You are sure good at re-purposing!