Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun craft for everyone (with directions)

These lovely girls are from church. At mutual last week I showed them how to make pinwheels. We made quite a bunch to hand out to all the Mom's on Mother's Day. They are quick and easy...and super fun.

Here are the directions:
The best paper to use is double sided, that way you have a pattern all the way around your pinwheel.
(If you click on each picture you can read the written directions)

Once you've finished all that...I just hot-glued a wooden skewer to the back. If you wanted you could paint the skewer first...or add a little piece of ribbon. In the Mother's day pinwheels, I punched out a 2in scallop and then stamped a little sentiment on to it. Then attached them to the skewer. Well there you have it. Hope you have fun making pinwheels.
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We love them at our house!


Houston said...

Cute craft! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Such a cute project! Looks like you had fun making them!

LisaDay said...

I am so doing this!! My kids will love it!! TFS!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

super cute! looks like they had fun too!
have a great weekend :)

D. Marie said...

These are so cute...what a great mothers day gift it would be. I always thought homemade gifts from anyone are so much more thoughtful and have so much more love in them! Great work on showing the girls.