Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So, how do you spell diaster???

....for me it goes something like this:
  • Dog wants out for a potty run
  • Cat wants in from the cold
  • Cat brings in a special treat....aka: BIRD
  • Cat runs off towards scrapbook room ( I am oblivious to the TREAT as I am concentrating on watching dog do business because without careful eye she will wander off)
  • Dog finishes business we go back inside
  • Dog heads towards scrapbook room
  • Cat reveals it's treat! Which tries to get flying around room
  • Dog FREAKS out at the cat, the cat freaks out at the bird....
  • Cat jumps up on scrapbook work table and takes out the 44oz COKE...all while bird is frantically trying to get away. Dog is barking like a mad woman.....
  • I FLIP out that the LO I was just about to create is now floating away into the pool of COKE!
1 dog + 1 cat +1 bird + 1 44oz COKE= DISASTER


lisa dickinson said...

eeeek! too bad you couldn't film it for TV - sounds like a classic blooper reel there! :)

*Paula* said...

Oh dear! That sounds like a disaster alright!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

did you get a picture? ;)

Marty said...

Oh, man, what a day!

Jenn, thank you so much for your comment! I hope your friend gets good answers. I thought I was the only person with this problem-it helps to know that I'm not alone!

Susan Beth said...

I'm sorry. Some days are like that here too.