Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finding MOJO

....I can't find mine. Anyone seen it lately?
If you happen upon it...
send it home please,
it's time for dinner!


Vanessa said...

mine has been lost all of 2009! its horrible!!! whoever invents a cure for this is gonna be RICH!

Kimberly said...

LOL...I have no doubt it's are always creating AMAZING things! xoxo

Kelly said...

I think mine has run off with yours Jenn!!

Ayesha said...

ahhh you need some mojo therapy just sit back and relax... now close your eyes can you see it yet.... its there look lol xxx

D. Marie said...

Yeah sometimes I get that way...I just look at my scrapbook stuff and my pictures and I draw a blank! Thats when I come online to blogs like yours for inspiration! Also have you checked out