Friday, August 1, 2008

Yet another project and a layout!!

Well....this is my latest little project. I found myself doing this last night about 11pm. It's crazy but I tend to get inspired at night...late at night! Anyhow, I think it turned out pretty good! Especially for a cheap little curtain rod from Wally-world and a few drapery you have it. My solution to getting my die cut letters into a more "user" friendly place. I have so many and it would frustrate me to dig through the box every time I needed some letters. So there you have it! Who knows, maybe you've been inspired. And if you are, drop me a comment and a link to your inspiration!

This layout is a compilation of various photos from the 4Th of July weekend. There is so much to do here during that time and we really do find ourselves pretty busy. (Again these photos are from 2004 and I really need to get crackin! Before I know it I'll be 5 years behind and then 6 and then 7......)
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Susan Beth said...

Okay, I'm slow! I've been going to the photography blog thinking that is where you post layouts too. Sorry! I have not meant to ignore this blog! Liking your pages. I have a hankering to do more two pagers too! You are inspiring me!