Saturday, June 14, 2008

Check out my LOOT!!!!!!!!!

Back in May, I went to KBD for National Scrapbook Day. Chrissy Doolan was the teacher of the Super Saturday that I was attending. She is a rep for several different companies and also for KBD. Every year she has a raffle where she boxes up all of her "extras" that she has from all the companies that she works for. She charges $5 per ticket. She offered the tickets to us that day. I figured why not...

Well guess what.....
I WON!!!!!
I won a 10lb box of goodies! I was so excited. The picture above shows my LOOT!!!
(The bottom left corner is the box it all came in and then the first 2 and the last 2 are duplicate photos. I figured doing the photo grid was easier since I had a bunch of photos..I didn't want to load each photo individually)
I can't wait to play with all my stuff!!!!
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Susan Beth said...

Congratulations! That looks like a fantastic box. It is Christmas in June!