Tuesday, April 22, 2008

20 Minute Project

I bought this clock last night at Wally-world...it was a whopping $3.76. It was perfect for my scrapbook room. I didn't have a clock in there yet...and I smelled a quick and easy project! I think the longest part of this little project was picking out which patterned paper to use. Way too many choices! Anyhow, I popped the front plastic cover off, traced the circumference of the cover (which will be the right size for the "face"), popped off the clock hands (be real careful, especially if the hands are metal, you don't want to bend them.) Then I placed the cut pp over the face of the clock and gently rub your finger over the center to make an indentation, so you know where to punch the hole for the hands. Decorate the new "face" and then put everything back together. Voila! A cute custom made clock for any room!
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Rosemary said...


Thanks for sharing!

Laura S. said...

w2hat a super cute project. I am so gonna try this one.

Scrapdragon Team